I've decided on my schedule!

I'm waiting for the tutors to confirm my lessons, but here is what I'll be studying:
(RINY = Ring in the New Year Campaign. This is a separate campaign, so I won't make full reports/videos on these classes) 

1/3 "日本語で自由会話" (Japanese Conversation) with KOHJI (RINY)

1/5 "Let's read Japanese Novels" with Mumusuke

1/6 "Let's write e-mail in Japanese" with Yucca

1/8 "Let's Try Italian" with Paolo (RINY) 
1/8 "Let's Try Osaka Dialect" with Erika.N (RINY)

1/10 "Free-conversation in Japanese" with Aki B

1/13 Successful Communication in Japanese

1/16 "60-minute conversation in Japanese" with Runo

1/20 "Conversation in Japanese!" with Issei

Blog posts will be up within three days after the lesson. Videos may take up to two weeks, but I will do my best to upload them as soon as possible.

So excited!