Tokyo / Tsukuba Science City, Japan

New Content / 動画・ポッドキャスト・SNS

Check out these video channels!

The Jenny Silver = Jen's main channel on YouTube with everything from fun trips to Tokyo Disney to conveyer belt sushi, important travel information regarding medicine and deportation, walks along the historic Tokaido that used to link Tokyo and Kyoto, JAXA and more! 

Japanese IRL = FREE Japanese lessons with Jenny Silver! NEW videos every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday! Jen made this channel because she was tired of learning textbook Japanese that had very little practical application. These easy to digest videos feature words or phrases from real life! 英会話としても効果的!

Games From The J = This fairly new channel is where Japanese games will be featured with English commentary! Coming soon: Sen no Kiseki, Gyakuten Saiban (Ace Attorney) 5, and Star Ocean 5. Requests welcome! 

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VO & Narration / ナレーション

For samples of Jenny Silver's work, photos, or for hiring inquiries, please use the Contact form.

Past Projects Include:

Toyota, IBM Safestone, Panasonic, Nikkei, NHK, various English language materials, voice recognition software, Space Brothers (movie), Suntory Boss Coffee, Nippon Yakin Kogyo, Katsura Denkoh, Panasonic (and PanaHome), Gunma Prefecture Tourism, Aisen, Sekisui Today, Far East Machine Tool, Diners Club Japan, Pringles, Fuji TV (Calcolon, Pikaru no Teiri, Waratte Iitomo), Tohoshinki Concert, NHK Design Talks, Azbil Saudi, The Cabinet of Japan, Kirin Hyoketsu beer, City of Tachikawa, Renesas Electronics, Kirari Department Store Kichijoji, Jim Beam, Ajinomoto, Nestle, ANA, Takeda Parmaceuticals, Dydo vending machines, LeSportsac, JATCO, Softbank, Yamazaki Bread (Lunchpack), Ibaraki Outlook, Miraikan (Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation), and many more!

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Translation / 英訳







Translations from Japanese to English (From 9 yen per character)

Proofreading service (From 9 yen per word)

Please fill out this contact form for a quote.

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About / プロフィール

I'm a New Jersey-born Silicon Valley girl living in Japan

I've worked as a manager of a video game store, taught E.S.L. at a private school, and I was an "ALT" in Saitama on the JET Programme. Now, I combine translating, voice-overs and content creation. 

The name "Silver" should be easy to remember - I've got a (natural) silver streak in my hair! 

  • Voice-overs / Narration: You can hear me introduce "Calcolon" every Monday night on Fuji TV and you can also hear me on NHK's Design Talks. If you live in a PanaHome, I'll alert you if there are any leaks or earthquakes. I'm the English voice guidance for the Miraikan (National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation) located in Odaiba, Tokyo.
  • Translation: I translate from Japanese to English. I've worked with companies such as Glico Pocky, Konami, Canon, Hitachi, Toshiba, etc. You may be able to see some of my work at the Sony Building in Ginza, Tokyo.
  • Content Creation: I produce videos on my YouTube channel and another channel, Japanese IRL. I also write occasionally.

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